Here are some awards I’ve won for my writing work. They include recognition for creative, marketing and SEO skills.

National UK Blog Award

As the editor and main contributor to the The Diamond Store Magazine I was proud to collect the first prize at the National UK Blog Awards® 2016, as winner of the Brand Blogs category for Fashion & Beauty. UK Blog Awards® is Britain’s biggest event recognising digital talent and connecting bloggers with brands.


ChPPGdCXEAAn_sx Award for Excellence

Here’s what the judges said about SEO work I did for a charity web project.

‘Hi Johanna, you are the lucky recipient of the highly coveted Award of Excellence for your work on the project titled Keywords for Charity Website for SEO.  Only 3% of Sparked micro-volunteers receive this award, so you should feel pretty special.’ allows professionals to give something back to non-profits and charities. It’s an online volunteering organisation that lets others benefit from your skills whenever you have a little bit of time to spare.


Inscribe Media Global Short Story Winner

This was a short story competition organised by Inscribe Media UK.

‘The December 2013 Global Short Story Competition first place prize goes to Johanna Bergstrom, of Malaga, Spain, of whose story ‘The Bitch Next Door’ Fiona says: “This is a fast paced intense story, exploring preconceptions and assumptions about other people and their actions. The way events are distorted is given a neat twist at the end – the Chinese whispers that gossip thrives on are very well done – and this is wholly believable and satisfying.”‘

You can read or download the story on the Inscribe Media website: Inscribe Media 2013 Winner Stories Ebook.


HubPages Rising Star Award

In March 2013 a personal finance article I’d written for won the rising Star readership award.

‘Hi Johanna Bergstrom, Congratulations! Your Hub article How to Live Within Your Means and Be Happy was selected as a Rising Star! Excited? We are! You’re an inspiration to all new Hubbers who are getting started and an encouragement to “veterans” as well. We hope that you continue to enjoy writing at HubPages and participating in the community. We certainly enjoy your work. Congratulations again.’


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